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Estás identificado....

Estás identificado....
Seguirás con vida por mucho tiempo...

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

All about me

My name is Jorge Rivera. I am tall and thin. I have got a short dark hair. I am wearing a brown shirt, bluejacket, white bracelet, short pants and black and white trousers.
I am talented for the subjects. I am generous and very friendly. I am very competitive only for the sport. I a bit amserious. And certainly, I am confident for all. I like to be an adventurer for the world.

I go to school at eight o’clock and the school ends at two forty-five. In the school, I study fourth secondary. My favourite subject is technology, and I don’t like be studying history but I study much it for approve. I havelunch at two fifty. I do exercises at four o’clock and when I finish them, I go out to street with my friends. I like football, swim in the beach in summer and play computer games. I play computer games every day of theweek. Now, I haven’t got a pendrive and I don’t know how guard the document.


For finish, when I am buring, when I am in the street I go at home and I eat much for tomorrow stand up ofthe bed happy!