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Estás identificado....

Estás identificado....
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miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Der pen pals

Date: February, 9 of 2011

My name is Jorge and I am sixteen years old. I am happy person and  I think optimistically. I used so much logic. I have brown and litle green eyes, blanck and short hair, I am 1'80 metres.
I have five siblings, four  boys with me and one girls who is the smalest. I am living in Chipiona (Cádiz), but I sometimes live in Sanlúcar too. My favorite food is the famous ''potatoe'' with eggs. My favorite colour is red like a heart. I like my town because it has three or four monuments's Rocio Jurado who is singer. Own light-house is first of Spain. It has a cool view and We can see all the beach, all the streets and all country-side.
Here is this town there are many oarties for carnaval of the town. I am playing the drum and I sing too, for all.
When I'm singing on the stage, my group of ''chirigota'' are nervous how if we have so much could. My first acting on Feb.5 this year. Chirigota is a gruop of people that sing and playing instrument, only two guitar and two drums.


jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Then and Now


Then, I used to be innocent.  I had passion for the insects and I was onlooker, I knew much on it. I didn't play computer in this moments, I only  thought in the time in that I didn't can ,