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Estás identificado....
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viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Webquest: Legoland


    1.     What is attraction no. 28?
         Wave Surfer.
    2.     Is the Dino Safari open now?
        No, this ride is closed the 6th of Septembre because “legowar” is going
        to do a new development.
    3.    What do children earn at the end at the Driving School?
         All children earn their very own LEGOLAND Driving license.
     4.       How high is the Sky Rider?
         The aerial track has a height of around 20 feet above de ground.
     5.       What is the name of the labyrinth in Land of the Vikings?
         Loki’s Labyrinth.
    6.     Lego City: what animals can you encounter in Orient expedition?
        Crocodiles, snakes, vultures and even Chinese Dragons.
    7.     Xbox 360 gaming Zone: what games can you try out?
  Try out games like;
  • “LEGO Indiana Jones”,
  • “How To Train Your Dragon”,
  • “Ben 10 Alien Force”,
  • “Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing”,
  • The brand new “LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4”
    8.     Where can you have your caricature?
        In Pirates Landing.
    9.     What food can you eat at Knights Table Rotisserie?
  • Have your spit roasted chicken plain and simple, or choose from our range of glazes
  • A range of jacket potatoes
  • Try Annabel’s new beef ravioli!
  • Full selection of sandwiches and salads
     10.   What statues can you see at the Big Shop?
        You can see the statues of Harry Potter and Hagrid.